Ghosts of Ohio
About Goo

Friends of the Ghosts

Weird NJ
Home of our weird friends, Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman.

Midnight Syndicate
Our friends from Cleveland, who also happen to be creators of gothic nightmare soundtracks.

Ghosts of the Prairie
Home of the American Ghost Society, of which The Ghosts of Ohio has been a member since 1999.

Green Lawn Cemetery
The Ghosts of Ohio is a proud member of Green Lawn Cemetery’s Adopt-A-Lot Program. We maintain section 50 of the cemetery.

City of Fairfield
The Ghosts of Ohio takes part in Fairfield’s Roadside Cleanup Program, taking care of Resor Road.

Programming Art
They made our web site what it is today and makes sure it keeps running, too.

John Kachuba
Our ghostly writer friend... even if he did leave us out of his last book!

Home of the Long Island Paranormal Research Association

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