Ghosts of Ohio



So what exactly does The Ghosts of Ohio do? The following pages will help to explain.

First and foremost, we conduct investigations of private and public locations in an attempt to uncover paranormal activity. Our investigations are free, discreet, and kept confidential. We use a selection of low- and high-tech tools that we hope will provide us with emperical data. We can also conduct historical research on the location in question and provide owners with copies of any documentation we might find.

The Ghosts of Ohio also serves to educate everyone about the history and theories about paranormal research, as well as the ways which people conduct investigations. To that end, we offer a wide range of presentations that can be customized to any age group. We also offer a free bi-monthly newsletter that contains all the latest news on The Ghosts Of Ohio and the paranormal field--everything from movie and book reviews to field test results for the latest ghost-hunting equipment.

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