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History of The Ghosts Of Ohio

Who Are The Ghosts of Ohio?
Founded in 1999 by James A. Willis, The Ghosts of Ohio is a nationally recognized paranormal-research organization that uses scientific and historic methods to investigate and document reported hauntings in the state of Ohio. We are one of the most reputable and prominent not-for-profit organizations in the state and have been in continuous operation since our founding. Currently, we have members stationed throughout the state of Ohio.

Where Can You Find The Ghosts of Ohio?
From its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, The Ghosts of Ohio operates and maintains two fully operational outposts–in Cincinnati and Cleveland–to better meet the needs of our clients.

Whenever a request for an investigation or consultation comes into our headquarters, it is immediately forwarded to the closest Team Leader, geographically speaking, to expedite a response.

Additionally, both Outposts have the full support of headquarters and have access to all of our resources, including equipment and additional researchers.

Skeptics. Believers. Seekers.
The members of The Ghosts of Ohio are volunteers who come from different backgrounds, with varying beliefs in ghosts and the afterlife. So while The Ghosts of Ohio will always look for "natural" reasons for reported occurrences before assuming paranormal ones, our unique diversity of beliefs, backgrounds, and education allows us to consider a range of possible explanations for reported paranormal activity. Some of us may be skeptics and some might be believers, but we are all seeking the truth.

In the years that The Ghosts of Ohio has been in operation, group members have collectively visited more than 200 public haunted locations in the state of Ohio alone. They have also conducted more than 100 investigations of private homes. In addition, The Ghosts of Ohio maintains a database of all reported haunted sites in Ohio. Currently, the database contains well over 3000 entries.

We respect the fact that individuals who contact us are not necessarily looking for ghosts, merely answers. We understand the possible stigma attached to reputedly haunted houses. The Ghosts of Ohio operates under a strict code of bylaws that forbid making public any information regarding a private investigation. We never post any information about private investigations on our web site. The Ghosts of Ohio takes every step possible to ensure the highest level of discretion and to keep private information just that–private.

We are proud of The Ghosts of Ohio's ethical code and believe that our commitment to privacy and research makes us unique in our field.

When conducting an investigation, The Ghosts of Ohio uses a combination of historical data and scientific equipment. Prior to visiting a location, its history will be studied and reviewed to determine if an event (e.g., a death) occurred that might possibly result in a haunting. During the onsite investigation, a wide variety of equipment is used to detect atmospheric and electrical changes that may suggest paranormal activity. An assortment of audio and video equipment, including infrared video cameras, is also invaluable; tapes are meticulously analyzed by our team of experts following each investigation.

Community Involvement
The Ghosts of Ohio prides itself on giving back to the community. Over the years, we have been involved in such community activities as cemetery cleanups and grave maintenance to Adopt-A-Road programs and fundraisers for historical buildings and organizations.

The Ghosts of Ohio also offers a series of presentations that allow people to get a first-hand look inside the world of scientific ghost research. These presentations give audience members the chance to learn about the nature of ghosts, try out paranormal-investigation equipment, have their questions answered, and hear hair-raising tales of hauntings in their own backyard. More information about presentations can be found here.

Do You Believe?
The Ghosts of Ohio web site has additional information to allow you to decide for yourself where you stand on the belief in the existence of ghosts. This site contains ghost stories and legends from across Ohio, as well as information about signing up for our free bi-monthly newsletter and other ways that you can get involved with The Ghosts of Ohio.

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