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Clyde Presentation
July 2006

Marysville Presentation
October 2006

Dayton Presentation
October 2006

Lancaster Presentation
October 2006

Now they can meet The Ghosts of Ohio!

Everyone loves a good ghost story. But do ghosts really exist? How does one go about trying to find a ghost? Are there any ghosts in Ohio?

Now you can offer your patrons the unique opportunity to meet and discuss ghosts with actual paranormal researchers!

Since 2001, The Ghosts of Ohio has been offering a series of presentations that allow people to get a first-hand look inside the world of ghost research in Ohio. During that time, literally thousands of people of all ages have been educated and entertained in crowd sizes ranging from 10 to well over 600 people. To date, The Ghosts of Ohio have given over 200 presentations in the state of Ohio alone, in locations ranging from local lobraries and historical societies to community theaters, schools, and retirement homes.

Individuals who attend these fun and informative presentations will learn what ghosts are believed to be, see and hear unexplained activity that The Ghosts of Ohio have "captured" over the years, and even have the opportunity to try out the different forms of equipment people use to try and detect ghosts. Ample time is always allotted for guests to have their individual questions answered during an informal Q&A period.

All presentations are customizable to ensure they are age-appropriate and can also be adjusted to any size audience to ensure each and every guest has a unique experience.

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Unless otherwise noted (by a $ symbol), all presentations are free and open to the general public. Seating is often limited, so please call the venue beforehand to reserve your seats.


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