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William Ganong Cemetery

Located off of Henry Ruff Road, William Ganong Cemetery is beginning to develop a reputation among ghost enthusiasts. Some have even gone so far as to declare it one of the most haunted locations in Michigan.

The cemetery, also known as Butler, began innocently enough in the 1830s Named after a local farmer, the cemetery did not have a reputation for being haunted while it was in operation.

Problems began, according to legend, shortly after workers allegedly dug up some graves and moved headstones during a renovation of the cemetery. It has also been reported that heavy rains once caused the remains of a woman in a white dress to be unearthed. In more recent times, vandals and general neglect have begun to take their toll on the cemetery, perhaps angering a few ghosts.

Reports from visitors to the cemetery claim that ghostly apparitions are seen wandering aimlessly among the stones, as if searching for something. Others say the sound of chains rattling or hushed voices can be heard. But perhaps the oddest occurrences said to take place at the cemetery are that ghosts will dart out onto the road that passes in front of the cemetery, often causing minor accidents to take place. So if you should find yourself driving past William Ganong Cemetery late one night, you might want to put your seat belt on... just to be on the safe side.

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