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Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Just off the coast of Georgia lies the small island known as Jekyll. In the mid-1880s, construction of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel began on the island. Over the years, the hotel grew into a sprawling resort that became known as a retreat for the nationís rich and famous. Indeed, the hotelís guest register reads like a whoís who of the nationís elite, including such family names as Astor, Rockefeller, and Vanderbilt.

One of the hotelís frequent visitors was Samuel Spenser, president of the Southern Railroad Company. Spenser made it a habit of requesting the same room each time he visited; a sprawling suite with a large fireplace and a beautiful view of the ocean. Spenser also insisted that every morning, a copy of the Wall Street Journal, folded a special way, be delivered with his morning coffee.

When Spenser passed away in 1906 (ironically, he was killed in a crash involving two of his own trains), his spirit returned to the resort he loved so much. Guests staying in the room frequented by Spenser have reported finding their morning newspaper refolded in an odd way. Stranger still, some guests claim that someone (or something) had been sipping their coffee!

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