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Queen Mary

Launched in September of 1934, the H.M.S. Queen Mary was considered by many to be the ultimate vessel. And she certainly lived up to that title, even going so far as to see action during World War II, when she was painted grey and nicknamed the Grey Ghost. It is said that the Grey Ghost was so feared that Hitler himself offered the incentive of $250,000 and a Medal of Honor to anyone who could sink her.

By the time the Queen Mary was finally retired from passenger service in 1967, she had completed over 1000 Atlantic crossings. Since arriving at Long Beach, California, the Queen Mary has become a major tourist attraction and is now listed on the National Register of Historical Places. Some of the impressive features of the Queen Mary are its on-board hotel, a wedding chapel, and, if the legends are to be believed, its ghosts.

Perhaps the darkest incident in the history of the Queen Mary took place while the ship was practicing routine naval maneuvers and crashed into the H.M.S. Curacao. The Queen Mary almost cut the Curacao literally in half, sending over 300 British sailors to a watery grave. It is said that if one stands in the hull of the Queen Mary, near the point of its impact with the Curacao, that you can hear panicked voices and the cries of men in agony.

Another sad day in the history of the Queen Mary was July 10th in 1966. It was on this day that the number 13 would indeed prove to be unlucky for one of the young men in the engine room. During a drill designed to test the watertight doors, the young man was crushed to death in doorway 13. Even today, it is said that a young man dressed in blue can be seen walking around near the engine room. A man that, before he can be approached, disappears behind door 13...

Though no longer in use, at least by the living, the swimming pool in first-class is reported to be very supernaturally active area. In fact, some psychics believe the pool area is actually a vortex that allows spirits to pass back and forth between "realms".

Visitors to the pool area often report hearing the sound of splashing and even seeing wet footprints as if someone has exited the pool and walked away. Some individuals have also claimed to see women dressed in old-fashioned bathing suits in the area.

To date, no evidence has been uncovered to verify that anyone ever drowned or met their end by any other means in the swimming pool area. However, since the wet footprints have been known to lead into the changing rooms nearby, it may be the case of a departed soul loving the pool so much they couldn't resist one last dip.

Another ghost that is often seen by visitors and guests is a beautiful young woman, dressed in a white evening gown, mysteriously dancing alone in the first-class area. She is sighted so often that she is now referred to be tour guides as the Woman in White.

Finally, there are reports of hearing an infant's crying coming from what was once the third-class playroom. The cries are said to be from Leigh Travers Smith, who died in this area only a few short hours after his birth.

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