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Investigation & Consultation Scope and FAQ

What exactly happens during an investigation?
When conducting an investigation, The Ghosts of Ohio uses a combination of historical data and scientific equipment. Prior to visiting a location, its history will be studied and reviewed to determine if an event (eg: a death) occurred that might possibly result in a haunting. During the onsite investigation, a wide variety of equipment is used to detect atmospheric and electrical changes that may suggest paranormal activity. An assortment of audio and video equipment, including infrared video cameras, is also invaluable; tapes are meticulously analyzed by our team of experts following each investigation. After all materials have been reviewed, we will schedule a time when we can meet with you to go over our findings.

When does an investigation take place and how long does it usually last?
In general, an investigation will last 4-6 hours. However, the specific times will vary depending on the activity being reported. For example, if a homeowner is reporting strange activity taking place between the hours of 7 pm and 11 pm, then we will more than likely make arrangements to conduct the investigation during those hours.

How many people take part in the investigation?
This depends on a number of things such as size of the building and the number of areas where activity is being reported. But for the most part, 4 to 5 investigators will be present for the investigation.

Can I be present during the investigation?
Certainly. However, since the majority of our equipment is very sensitive to light and sound, we do ask that all non-investigators confine themselves to a certain area of the house (living room, den, etc.).

How many investigations has The Ghosts of Ohio conducted?
Since 1999, The Ghosts of Ohio has conducted literally hundreds of investigations in the state of Ohio.

What sorts of equipment do you use?
The types (and quantity) of equipment we use on an investigation varies from location to location. In terms of the types of equipment, while we do use several pieces of “standard” equipment on every investigation, we will also tailor the equipment to the reported activity. For example, if a homeowner is reporting cold spots in the home, we will bring out various pieces of equipment that are designed to detect and measure temperature changes.

Concerning the quantity of equipment we use, The Ghosts Of Ohio has enough available resources to enable us to fully cover a multi-floor facility while still being able to downsize and cover a small, one bedroom apartment.

Is any information related to my investigation ever made public?
No. All members of The Ghosts of Ohio are required to sign bylaws which, among other things, forbid them from making any information public regarding a private investigation. This includes posting information or photographs on our Web site.

How much does an investigation cost?
There is no charge for any of the services The Ghosts of Ohio provides.

How can I tell if I need to have an investigation done?
That decision is up to you. Most people who contact The Ghosts of Ohio are simply looking for answers to their questions. So we encourage you to contact us, and we'll be happy to try and answer any questions you might have. If after speaking with us, you wish to schedule an investigation, we would be more than happy to do that for you. But if all your questions have been answered and you're satisfied, there's no reason to move forward with an investigation. Our goal is simply to educate and ease people's concerns.

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