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Phone Call from the Other Side

In July of this year, my brother bought a new digital phone answering machine. He works in the medical field and is always on the go!

One morning upon returning home from the night shift at the hospital ER, he noticed that his answering machine was flashing, indicating that a call had come in about 6:00 AM. To his surprise, it was the voice of our mother, who died of cancer about six years ago, on the machine.

He was so excited about it that he called me because he needed proof that it was really her. He played the message to me and I swear that it was her voice on the phone! All she said was "Joe, this is ma. Call me".

I am a member of I.G.H.S. and have read many books on ghosts. Iíve even managed to photograph some . But I never thought I would hear my dead momís voice on an answering machine. I guess they can reach out to us if they need to!

ó Submitted by: J.W., Erie County

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