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House in Cincinnati

Some years ago I was living in a house on XXXXXXXXX Rd. in Cincinnati and I believe it was haunted. Strange things began to happen right away but we just thought it was our imagination. Doors were mysteriously locked and unlocked when nobody was there. We thought the owner had been there and just forgot. I had to sleep on the couch the first night because the door to my room was locked from the inside. Again, we thought someone was just careless.

Pretty soon we began to hear footsteps upstairs when nobody was up there. We thought since it was an old house maybe it was just settling noises even though we kept hearing it. The TV began going out too. My roommate told me that his VCR would go on and off by itself. We still didn't really believe it was haunted until one night when one of my roommates had guests over and they said that they saw a white wispy figure of a woman flying down the back stairs. Then we knew it was haunted.

We didn't talk much about it but when our lease was up we all went our separate ways and not one of us decided to stay there. I often wonder who the ghost was/is. I think it may be a former owner.

Submitted by: Rebecca

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