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I canít honestly say that I ever really gave ghosts much thought. But several years ago, something happened to me that changed my mind. My mother had been suffering from cancer for several years. Still, when she passed away it was a shock to the entire family. The morning I received the news, I personally dealt with a lot of guilt for not being by her side when it happened.

That night, I awoke to find the image of my mother sitting quietly in the rocking chair near my bed. I still donít know why I did this, but I said aloud "Mom, Iím sorry I wasnít there for you." My mother turned and smiled at me; and then she vanished. And I have never seen her spirit again.

I still donít know if I believe in ghosts. But I would like to believe, even if it is to soothe my personal guilt, that somehow the spirit of my mother was able to visit me.

ó Submitted by: Bernadette, NE United States

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