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Why I Believe

When I was 12, my oldest brother committed suicide. I never got to tell him goodbye. About 2 months after it happened I was babysitting my nephew in his house. My nephew wanted to go upstairs to his room to play. When I called his name to come down for lunch, I heard him laughing and talking to someone. So I went upstairs to see what he was doing and he wasn't in his room. He was in my brotherís.

I had never had went into the room after his suicide. But I opened the door and saw my nephew in the closet with the door open. I walked over to pick my nephew up and I felt a sensation on the back of my neck. I looked up and saw a figure of my brother standing in front of me. He said "I love you very much.. and goodbye".

From that day on, I started believing in ghosts.

ó Submitted by: Kelley M., Middletown, Ohio

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