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The mother-in-law of my mom's boss used to live in the house where I now live. Her name was XXXX (name deleted), but she liked to be called Cookie. Cookie was a very sweet woman who loved to go out riding her bike.

In the fall of 1999, Cookie was killed in a hit-and-run accident while riding her bike. Ever since then, I believe her spirit remains in my house. Being very curious, I try to get her to show herself, but she won't. But she still lets you know she's here by kidding around with you. She likes to throw paper balls at my mom.

When she does leave, it is only for brief periods of time. But the entertainment system will say "goodbye" on it and you will see a wispy gray woman-like figure out of the corner of your eye.

Rather than being scared, I feel more secure with her around. It's almost like she is our guardian, watching over anyone who enters the house.

Submitted by: Dreama R., Dayton, OH

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