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Gore Orphanage Bridge

Mr. Willis,
You might not remember me, but I was the girl who wrote you a while ago and asked about Gore Orphanage. You told me all about how most of the stories about the Orphanage weren't true and that even the place where people go is not where the orphanage is.

What I wanted to tell you about is the night I went to Gore Orphanage with some friends. We were bored and just wanted to check it out for ourselves. We hung out there for a while and as just as we thought, nothing happened. We even tried the trick you suggested about putting flour on our car to see if handprints appeared. But nothing happened.

As we were driving back out, we came to that metal bridge neat where you first turn on to Gore Orphanage Road. You are not going to believe this, but we saw three little children, two girls and a boy, standing on the side of the bridge. At first, I thought that it was just a bunch of teenagers hanging out, but as we got closer, you could see that they were younger. And their clothes were old-fashioned, too. And just as soon as we got onto the bridge, they disappeared. We stopped the car and looked around with flashlights, but we never found anything.

I just wanted to write you and tell you my story. Have you heard any other stories about ghosts on the bridge there?

--Submitted by Stephanie S., Sandusky, Ohio

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