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House on Palmetto

I lived in Bedford Ohio in a house that in was built by my great-great-grandfather. When he passed away the house was eventually passed on to my father. He lived there for many years. I was two at the time when this particular incident happened. I don't remember this but my whole family says I used to sit up in my crib and just talk to someone or something. When someone in my family would enter the room I would stop.

Another incident was when I was older, like 6 or 7. I believe my grandfather would walk around upstairs because the floor in the attic would creak like someone was walking.

My house was cornered by woods on the two sides. My brother and I were swimming in the pool when he heard something in the trees. He looked and saw this little creature in an old dead tree. It looked like a very, very short thing with long arms with long fingers. It also had beady red eyes. My brother told me to get out and he literally threw me out of the pool and and took me by the porch leading into the house. When we looked, the creature was gone. We bolted into the house and locked the doors.

Another one was when my brother and his girlfriend were sitting in the living room late at night. (They were about to move out in two days) His girlfriend was laying asleep on the couch when my brother noticed something move out of the corner of his eye. He turned to see a sphere mover across slowly from the bathroom door to the kitchen. Inside of the sphere was smoke. It stopped for a brief time and continued into the kitchen where it disappeared.

Another time his girlfriend was in the house alone one night at like 2:30 in the morning talking on the phone when she heard pounding upstairs on the walls. Now the door leading upstairs was locked so no one was up there. The pounding got so loud and she was so frightened that she left and as she was getting into her car she still heard the pounding from inside the house.

One more my mother was home by herself and going down stairs to the laundry room. While she was walking down the steps someone or something threw a Christmas wreath at her back. Now she had just put all the Christmas stuff in the attic.

I haven't lived in the house for like 10 years, but I wonder if Grandpa is still bothering people in that house. I would love to live there again. Those were some strange times...

Submitted by: April, Maple Heights, Ohio

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