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Little Boy

My husband and I have had roommates since we moved into our house in order to help make ends meet. During the time one roommate in particular, "Patrick", was living with us, I would sometimes get the feeling of being watched. So I started to pay attention to when I got these feelings in order to determine if there was some sort of a pattern; something that would explain the feelings.

After a month or so of writing down the times when I felt these feelings, I still couldn't determine any particular pattern. So I decided to make my notes more detailed, such as who was at home, what we were doing, what room was I in, etc. After another month or so, I came to realize that these feelings only occurred when Patrick was home.

At first, I suspected that maybe Patrick was the guilty party. But knowing him as well as I did I had a difficult time believing that to be the case. Aside from that, I know that my husband would have noticed if Patrick had been lurking in on me, as the feelings came whether or not my husband was home. Nonetheless, I paid more attention to Patrick for awhile and even searched my bedroom and bathroom for signs of video equipment or something. All of this was to no avail and I eventually just grew to tolerate it.

Patrick lived with us for a little over a year. A few days prior to his moving out, he and I were alone in the house and got into one of our usual "deep" conversations. At some point, he told me about the spirit of a little boy that has seemed to follow him around for as long as he can remember. When he was younger, Patrick noticed it more frequently, but to this day he's still aware of the boy’s presence. Patrick has even seen the little boy on a few occasions, and also said that a few of his friends had also seen the little boy.

Patrick doesn’t knows the little boy’s name or why he follows him around, but the spirit has never harmed Patrick in any way. Instead he's gone out of his way to protect Patrick from dangerous situations.

Anyway, when Patrick moved out, the little boy did to, and I've had no feelings of being watched since. That’s the reason I believe that while Patrick lived with us, the spirit of a little boy "roomed" here also.

— Submitted by: Withheld upon request

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