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Witch Woods

I live just outside of Gambier, Ohio. Near my house, there are woods that are supposed to be haunted by the ghost of a witch. Well, I always thought that those stories were just made up to frighten kids. But one night, I was walking home all alone and thought I heard a voice say "come here". I turned around, and I heard it again, only this time is sounded like it was coming from the woods. And it was a woman's voice.

At that point, I wasn't scared. I thought it was just one of my friends messing with me. So I kept walking. But I hadn't walked more than a few feet when I heard it again, only louder. When I turned around, I saw this weird, glowing shape standing in the woods. It was too hard to see it very clear, but it had the outline of a human. I know this sounds silly, but I starting throwing rocks at it. I guess it was because I was scared.

Well, the shape just stayed there for a few seconds and then just faded away. I wanted to go over and see if there was anything where it had been standing, but I was scared. So I just ran home.

The next day, I took a few of my friends up to the place where I had seen the glowing shape. But there wasn't anything there and my friends all said I was lying. I know that I wasn't, but I really don't know what I saw. Even so, if I ever have to walk home at night again, I am taking the long way home!

--Submitted by B. May, Gambier, Ohio

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