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Encounter with the Elmore Ghost

When I was in college my friends and I read about this story in a book we obtained from the campus library. There was a guy on my dorm floor who grew up in the area where this story takes place so we asked him if he had ever heard about this story. He was able to verify the story as true and said he had seen the light himself. It was a dull Friday night and we had nothing better to do so we talked him into taking up there so we could call the ghost and see it for ourselves.

We arrived about 1:30 or 2 in the morning. The way I heard the story varies a little bit from what you have on your web site. You honk the horn and do the light thing on the bridge. After that you put your car into drive and let the car go at idle speed down the road. After about 300 yards it dead ends into another road to form a "T" intersection. When you come to the end of the road you make a right. After you make the right hand turn, the girlfriends house is ahead of you on the right side of the road. While heading towards the house of the girlfriend if you look behind you, you should see the head light from the motorcycle as he returns home from the war. We weren't there on the anniversary of the death. It was about late winter/early spring, so there were no farm crops or thick trees to block our view. We could see for miles and there was no place to hide. I don't think any of us expected anything to happen. We were just looking for some fun that night.

Anyway, we did the calling thing on the bridge and proceeded down the road. We were all on the lookout for anything that was out of place. When we reached the end of the road, the driver made the right hand turn and we all turned around to look for the phantom motorcyclist. Nothing happened at first, but then far down the road a single light appeared. It seamed so far away I thought it was just a porch light from another house and kept looking for the ghost. Then I came back to that light, which by that time had grown brighter and more intense. I asked my friend who was sitting next to me in the back seat what that light was. He didn't reply so I looked over at him and his mouth was dropped wide open from the shock he was in. I looked back at the light and it seemed to be catching up to us with incredible speed. By this time everyone in the car was yelling at each other and the driver had the pedal to the floor. At the end whatever it was was right on our rear bumper and the light was so intense we couldn't see anything else behind us. The spooky thing is when we passed drive way that lead to the old girlfriend’s house, the light flickered and vanished!

We talked about this experience for weeks after it happened to find answer to what we saw. Motorcycles are really loud, and we didn't hear anything but ourselves. The guy who took us there never left our sight, so there was no chance from him to call ahead to some friends to set us up. We even went back the next night with some other people from the dorm, but nothing happened that night. Ever since that event I have believed in ghosts and have been interested in learning more, which is how I found your site.

— Submitted by: Withheld upon request

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